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ALSA Advaned Linux Sound Architecture
Apache The most widely used web server. This server is an open source project developped by the Apache Group. Currently it is supporting the following operating systems: Unix, Linux, Windows. The Windows version is less advanced that its Unix and Linux counterpart.
APM Advanced Power Management
APT Advanced Package Tool. This application can manage the installation procedures of other applications on Debian systems. This is very useful especially for applications that have a lot of dependencies.
ARP Address Rezolution Protocol
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Coding standard widely used for storing characters inside personal computers. Mainframe computers can use other systems like EDBIC (see EDBIC).
bash Very common command-line interpreter for UNIX.
BSD (Berkley Software Distribution) A UNIX flavour developped by the Berkley University.
DOS Disk Operating System. Class of old operating systems developped by many companies: DR-DOS - Digital Research DOS
MS-DOS - Microsoft DOS
Novel DOS ...
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Machines using this protocol can automatically obtain an IP address for a local network.
DMA Direct Memory Access All the devices that can use DMA can write or read from the main memory without the intervention of the main processor. Since the degree of paralelism is increased the performance is increased as well.
DPMS Display Power Management System.
ELF Executable and Linking Format Binary format used by most of the executable files in the GNU/Linux system.
ext2 Extended 2 filesystem. The most widely used file system in the GNU/Linux world.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAT File Allocation Table. This file system was used in DOS and old windows systems: Windows3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME
FDDI Fiber Distributed Digital Interface
FIFO First In, First Out
FTP File Transport Protocol
GFDL GNU Free Documentation Licence.
GIF Graphics Interchange Format.
GPL General Public Licence. The licence used by the GNU project.
GUI Graphical User Interface
HTML HyperText Mark-up Language
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
IP Internet Protocol
IP Intellectual Property
ISP Internet Solution Provider
LILO LInux LOader. This application traps the boot process and allows the user to choose from several operating systems at boot time.
Linux High quality free operating system derived from Unix.
Mysql Open source database.
NFS Network File System.
OS Operating System
PHP Langauage used mostly for displaying web pages.
PID Process IDentifier
POP3 Email retrieval protocol.
RARP Reverse Address Rezolution Protocol
SMTP Simple Mail Transmision Protocol
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SSH Secure Shell. This protocol is a secure replacement for telnet.
TCP Transmision Control Protocol
UDP User Datagram Protocol
VPN Virtual Private Network
Wine WINdows Emulator for Unix platforms.
WWW World Wide Web

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