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About me
My name is Razvan MIHAIU. I am a developer with 5 years of experience and my main area of expertise is C++ network programming in heterogeneous environments (Linux, Windows). I have solid hands-on experience with GUI design in both Windows and KDE (a Linux GUI). Also from the beginning of 2004 I have substantially improved my Java skills (Java 2 + EJBs).
On the database front I am most familiar with Postgres SQL - a very solid, feature rich, open source database.
On the 'human' side: I have 12 months of experience as a team leader for a Bordeaux based company. An ideal job would include similar responsibilities.
You are welcomed to contact me should you foresee interesting collaboration opportunities.

Best regards,

European patent
The European Parliament is considering the introduction of software patents in Europe. Learn why the european patent system should not follow this path.

Minix vs. Linux
A thread from the newsgroup comp.os.minix called "Linux is obsolete" can be read in a web page called Linux history. An interesting discussion mainly between Andy Tanenbaum, a well known Professor of Computer Science at the Free University of Amsterdam and Linus Torvalds. Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum is the author of several books on operating systems and the primary author of minix a Unix like operating system. His books were read by a whole generation of Computer Science students. This article is a must read for any Linux user.

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